I really want to stay in Guatemala

Okay so story time everyone. So I told my cousin I was gay because I know I can trust her and she won’t judge me and it went perfect. I ended up meeting one of her gay best friends two days ago and he was so sweet and kind. So, we started talking yesterday, and today, he invited me to go out with him and his friends. So my cousin and I went (she brought her date) and I loved her friends. So yeah, long story short, I REALLY WANT TO STAY LONGER! Just the perfect night. We all went for some coffee first and then we went to a bar, each of us with our date by our side. In the bar, me and my cousin separated and I went with him and his friends and we were just taking shots and having fun. And at the end, he came with me to the car, and I had to drive and while my cousin went out to the store really quick, we were conversing and when I went to pick her up, we kinda sorta made out. Ugh why must everything happen towards the end. But hey, THANK JAYZUZ FOR AUTO CORRECT

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Asks would be nice (✿◠‿◠) send me anything and I’ll answer it x

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I leave for Guatemala tomorrow so I will be gone from tumblr until July 24. Don’t unfollow me guys 😔
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